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Arena Grand Opening
May 6th

What a great day celebrating the opening of the new arena!
Thank you to everyone that participated and all our members who pitched in and helped! We could not have done it without you!
Pictures are posted on Facebook!


Our mission is to provide the continuation and preservation of an equestrian arena at the Radke-Martinez Regional Shoreline Park. This arena was managed by Martinez Horsemens Association for many years providing a public arena and a location for local equestrians to participate in horse shows, clinics, playdays, etc. Martinez Horsemens Association disbanded in 2017 and liquidated their assets on the property.

Tri-Cities Horsemens Association has partnered with EBRPD to keep the arena going! If this arena had been allowed to close, we would not get it back and another equestrian facility would have been lost. We have assumed the remaining property lease with EBRPDs blessing. They are enthusiastic with our plans to promote the arena and encourage more use of this great location.

Anticipated Outcomes:

By ensuring the continuation of the public arena, local equestrians will have a place to ride, train and compete in activities in the future. The general public will be exposed to horses, many of which have never seen or touched an actual horse. We will be ambassadors for the equestrians and horses!

Participating Community Groups, Volunteers:

Our members are the main source of volunteers to erect the arena. If you would like to help please let us know!

Fund Raisers:

We are planning fund raisers for the arena rebuild and ongoing expenses.

If you would like to sponsor a section of arena fencing and "Buy A Panel" or make a monetary donation use our convenient PayPal Donation buttons by CLICKING HERE!

Please watch for updates on our Facebook Page or here.

If you are interested in helping out or joining our club please contact us on Facebook or via email at